Meet Your Proofreader

My name is Kathleen Clark. I am one of those people that naturally spots errors in written text. It just jumps out at me. Whether I’m reading something in hardcopy, on a website, or even in email, I cringe a bit whenever I see a mistake. They’re everywhere! In nearly 30 years working in the corporate world, I was the one that people always asked to check their work. So I was thrilled to learn about proofreading for court reporters. It enables me to work at something that I love. I honed my skills by studying the nuances of transcript proofreading and have proofread over 3,000 pages of legal transcripts. My studies were based on Morson's English Guide for Court Reporters, Margie Wakeman Wells' resources, and NCRA guidelines.

Are you a court reporter looking for a proofreader that can deliver quality work on time? Do you find yourself stressed with a heavy workload? Allow me to take away some of the pressure. I will carefully read your transcript to check for consistency, formatting, punctuation, word usage, and more while accommodating to your individual preferences. The end result will be a finished document that you can be proud to bear your name on the cover.


Email me at  I look forward to working with you!

I live in beautiful Hot Springs Village, Arkansas. The natural beauty is simply breathtaking. The photo in the background was taken from the top of Mount Nebo. When I'm not proofreading or enjoying nature with my family, I enjoy cooking and volunteering in the community.

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